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At Robinsonville Elementary School, we are dedicated to providing solid instructional leadership, implementing research-based instructional strategies, and offering high-quality professional development to our educators. We are committed to building strong parent and community partnerships, fostering an environment that ensures all students are equipped to meet college and career-ready standards. We empower our students to succeed academically and beyond through collaboration and dedication.


Robinsonville Elementary School envisions a future where every student who walks through our doors is prepared to excel in college and career paths. Through our unwavering commitment to instructional excellence, research-backed teaching methods, and robust community engagement, we aim to be a beacon of educational success. We aspire to create a nurturing environment that fosters growth, instills confidence, and equips our students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


1. Improve Student Achievement:

Robinsonville Elementary School aims to increase the percentage of students scoring proficient on the Mississippi Academic Assessment Programs (MAAP) in math and English language arts. Our goal is to raise the current proficiency rate to 50% in both math and English language arts assessments by the end of the academic year. We will provide targeted intervention programs for struggling students, implement differentiated instruction, and use data-driven teaching strategies to achieve this. This goal aligns with the district's overarching objective of improving student achievement and preparing all
students for success in college and careers. We intend to meet this target by the conclusion of the current school year.

2. Enhance Parent and Community Engagement:

Robinsonville Elementary School is committed to increasing parent attendance at school events and involving community members in decision-making. We aim to achieve a 20% increase in parent attendance at school events and ensure the active participation of community members in at least two school advisory committee meetings per semester. To make this goal achievable, we will develop a calendar of engaging events, provide clear communication channels for parents, and actively involve community leaders in advisory committees. This objective aligns with the district's vision of building strong partnerships with parents and the community. We aspire to accomplish these targets within the current academic year.

3. Integrate Technology for Enhanced Learning:

Robinsonville Elementary School is dedicated to integrating technology into classroom instruction to enhance learning experiences for our students. Our goal is to increase the usage of educational technology tools in at least 80% of classrooms and track improvements in student engagement and performance. To attain this, we will provide professional development opportunities for teachers on technology integration, ensure access to devices, and identify suitable digital resources for various subjects. This goal closely aligns with the district's vision of preparing students for success in a technology-driven world. We plan to achieve these technology integration and engagement targets by the conclusion of the next academic semester.

4. Foster Health, Wellness, and Safety:

Robinsonville Elementary School is focused on implementing robust health, wellness, and safety protocols to create a safe learning environment for students and staff members. We aim to achieve 100% compliance with CDC, federal, state, and local guidelines for health, wellness, and safety. To
accomplish this, we will establish clear protocols for hygiene, sanitation, and safety measures and provide comprehensive staff training on their effective implementation. This goal is aligned with the district's priority of promoting health and safety in all school environments. We are committed to full complying with health and safety guidelines by the start of the upcoming academic year.